Building Body…Mind…Spirit

Executive Director: Jay Egan
Special Events Coordinator: Carol Cosgrove
contact: 203-838-3788, ext. 108; email: StMattRecCenter@gmail.com

  •  The Rec Center* is a 17,000 sq ft  two-tiered facility that promotes well-being for all ages, designed to enhance the quality of your life. A place to welcome all generations with opportunities for play, fitness, restoration and healing.
  • A place to go after Mass, before Mass, in between the week to restore yourself, to have fun, to reconnect and heal in a community of believers. Individualized and Group Programs for Youth, Teens, Adults, Seniors.

Registration has begun for our Summer Sports Camps! Click here for details.



*RELEASE OF LIABILITY: In exchange for use of the facilities or equipment of the Msgr. Walter C. Orlowski Recreation Wellness Center, I agree for myself and for the members of my family to assume full responsibility for personal injury, loss or damage of personal items arising out of my or my family’s use of the Rec Center. By signing below, I also agree to only share the assigned FOB with my family members. If my assigned FOB is lost or stolen, I agree to report the loss to the St. Matthew Church Office: StMattRecCenter@gmail.com