Youth Faith Formation

Welcome to St. Matthew Faith Formation!
Fr. Tomi Thomas, Parochial Vicar, oversees our Faith Formation team:
Erma Moore is our Director of Religious Education: 203-838-3788, ext. 107 or email: StMattRelEd@gmail.comLiz Reid is our Confirmation Coordinator: 203-838-3788, ext. 107 or email:
“We are very lucky to have Erma and Liz lead our youth – they have great faith and great love for our Parish Family Youth…” Msgr. Walter, Pastor

Faith Formation Registration – Early Bird Sign-Up by June 30th
Click here for 2018-19 Registration Form preK – 8 grade.

Classes are offered:
Sundays – 10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. (Pre K & Kindergarten)
Mondays – 4:15 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. (grades 1-3)
Monday – 6:00 p.m. – 7:15 p.m. (grades 4-7)
Tuesdays – 4:15 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. (grades 1-7)
Tuesdays – 6:00 p.m. – 7:15 p.m. (grades 1-7) 

Home School Family Program is available for grades 1, 3 through 7 only. Home School is not available for grade 2.  Parents and children meet once a month on Sunday morning after the 9 a.m. Mass.  Mass attendance on all Sundays is required.

Classes for grade 8 (pre Confirmation) are offered Sunday Mornings typically twice per month. Attendance at 9AM Mass followed by class until 11:30AM

Our Faith Formation Mission:

  • To support the faith formation that occurs at home
  • To foster enthusiasm for living the Catholic faith
  • To give witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • To encourage family participation in the life of the Church

Our goals are:

  • To teach the Catholic faith
  • To encourage a commitment to Jesus Christ
  • To create a community spirit that inspires active participation in parish life
  • To encourage prayer which leads to a deeper relationship with a loving God
  • To assist parents in their role as primary instructors of our Catholic Faith

The Faith Formation Program at St. Matthew Church consists of five parts:

  1. Attendance at Mass, Holy Days of Obligation, Stations of the Cross and Adoration on First Friday. Weekly reception of the Eucharist and Reconciliation every three months for eligible members of the family
  2. Regular Faith Formation class attendance and appropriate behavior during class. Any absence requires a call from the parent/guardian. Five (5) class absences for grades 1-6,  three (3) class absences for grades 7-8 or two (2) class absences for the Family Program, without prior notification may result in repeating the year.  It is your child’s responsibility to complete all assigned readings and homework should he/she be absent.  Continued disruptive behavior during class will result in a parent attending class with their child.
  3. Volunteering in the Faith Formation program & family involvement in Parish life.(The Diocese requires all new volunteers in the Parish to attend a VIRTUS workshop. Please check the bulletin in the fall for workshops at St. Matthew Church)
  4. All children are encouraged to be ministers at Mass. They may join the children’s choir, altar servers, ushers and lectors.
  5. Class Masses will be scheduled on a monthly basis at the 9:00 AM Mass. Attendance will be taken at class Masses.  It is a requirement to attend with your family.

We are asking your family to attend Mass each week starting now.  We come together as a parish community to worship, thank God, and support each other in prayer.  It is at Mass that we come to know Jesus in the Eucharist.  Attending Mass each week reinforces what is taught in the classroom. Without this important time to celebrate and pray together at Mass, it can be a struggle for your child … indeed, for all of us … to achieve a fuller understanding of the greatness of our God and the love and forgiveness of Jesus.


Attached you will find a registration form which will need to be filled out and mailed or dropped off in the church office with payment prior to August 15th for the “Early Bird” registration discount.  Any registrations received after August 15th will be at the regular registration fee.  Classes are limited to twelve students and are filled on a first come first serve basis. Names will be placed on class lists in the order that completed registration forms and payment are received by this office. If you are carpooling, please make sure that both parties get their registration in ASAP. If your child is in 2nd grade and receiving the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Eucharist this year you will need to register your child for one of the class options above.

The Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Eucharist require an additional registration form & fee.  This information will be available in the fall.

The tuition for this year is as follows:

Early Bird Registration Discount                                        Regular Registration

(prior to June 30th )

$175 for one child in program                                                       $215 for one child in program

$210 for two children in program                                                $250 for two children in program

$235 for three or more children in program                            $275 for three or more children in program

This year we will be accepting credit card payment.  If you plan on using this service, tuition must be paid in full and there will be a $3.00 fee. Instructions for paying by credit card are on the registration form. We also accept cash and checks made out to St. Matthew Church.  At the bottom of the registration form is a payment plan option form.  If you prefer to make three separate payments during the school year please fill this section out and include it with your child’s registration form.  The payment plan option is not available if paying by credit card. Your first payment is due at registration.

Please remember that grades 1-8 of faith formation instruction must be completed before your child is eligible for Confirmation.  We look forward to working together with you in the faith formation of your child/children. If you have any questions, or if you are interested in becoming a catechist, please contact us in the Faith Formation Office at (203) 838-0231 or by email at

Reminder: We follow the Norwalk Public School vacation and storm schedule.

Link to Daily Readings  You may also subscribe to enable a daily email with the readings to be sent directly to you each morning.


Religious Formation Classes

The Religious Formation Program at St. Matthew Church consists of three parts:

  1. Attendance at Mass and Holy Days of Obligation by all family members. Weekly reception of the Eucharist and Reconciliation every three months for eligible members of the family.
  2. Weekly religion classes for the students.  Any absence requires a call from the parent/guardian.  Call the office at (203) 838-3788,  ext. 107.  Five (5) absences without prior notification may result in repeating the year.
  3. Class Mass attendance (Dates to be announced in September) and Class Stations of the Cross in February, March, & April is required for the child and the parent.
    First Sunday, 9am: Home School and Catholic Schools
    Second Sunday, 9am: Grades 1-3
    Second Sunday, 5pm: Grade 8

    Third Sunday, 9am: Grades 4-5
    Third Sunday, 5pm: Grade 9 – Confirmation Class

    Fourth Sunday, 9am: Grades 6-7
  4. Volunteering in the Religious Formation program & family involvement in Parish life.

If you have any questions, please contact the Religious Formation Office at  (203) 838-3788, ext. 107 or by email at