First Reconciliation & First Eucharist

Janet Mitchell, Director of Religious Education
Email: Janet Mitchell:; Phone: 203-838-3788, ext. 107.

First Eucharist

Click here for print copy of 2023-2024 First Reconciliation and First Eucharist Registration Form

First Reconciliation/First Eucharist is a SEPARATE registration form from PreK-Gr 5 Faith Formation for all Second Grade students and older students who are eligible to receive in May, 2024.

  • The Sacrament of Reconciliation, also known as Confession, is one of the Sacraments of healing—the ways in which our sins are forgiven. First Reconciliation is received prior to receiving the Sacrament of the Eucharist.
  • The Eucharist is the greatest of the Sacraments of initiation, the “source and summit of the Christian life.” In Holy Communion, we receive the Real Presence of Jesus under the appearance of bread and wine. Preparations for First Reconciliation and First Eucharist are coordinated through our Faith Formation Program, whether your child attends public or Catholic school.
  • Diocesan-Parent Consent-and-Release