Facility Information



  • Level 1 Court Field House: 11,000-square-foot multi-purpose gym 
  • Level 2: 7,000-square-foot Track
  • Level 2: Newman Center Lounge 
  • Level 2: Elevator, handicapped accessible

LEVEL 1: Court Fieldhouse, street level with removable turf


 LEVEL 2: Lobby Entrance, parking lot level

LEVEL 2: Track    

LEVEL 2: Universal Workout Room

LEVEL 2: Newman Center Lounge

Newman Centers are Catholic ministry centers at secular universities throughout the world. These centers provide pastoral services and ministries to all, but especially to the Roman Catholic students and young adults.

*RELEASE OF LIABILITY: In exchange for use of the facilities or equipment of the Msgr. Walter C. Orlowski Recreation Wellness Center, you agree for yourself, members of your family or a guest to assume full responsibility for personal injury, death, loss or damage of personal items arising out of your or your family’s use of the Rec Center.