Mass Volunteers

Help is needed for Indoor & Outdoor Masses. Please read below.

  1. For everyone’s safety, each volunteer needs to have their temperature taken with a no-touch forehead scanner. The scanner is on the wooden kiosk inside the front doors of the church (on the left).
  2. Scan your forehead with the scanner. Look at the reading on the scanner. If your temperature is below 100 degrees, you can volunteer.
  3. Please be sure to record your temp reading so we have a record, as is required by the Diocese.
  4.  If your temperature is over 100 degrees, please email us that as well, and return home, as you are not allowed to volunteer in order to keep everyone safe.

If you would like to help at our Indoor Masses, please contact the Parish Office (EXT. 120: 203-838-3788) and we will add you to our Indoor Volunteer List and contact you with instructions. Please be sure to leave your name & phone. Click HERE for INDOOR MASS VOLUNTEER GUIDELINES

OUTDOOR MASSES, Click Here to Sign Up
1. Chair Masses: Your help is needed at Chair Masses to just ensure that people place their chairs 6 ft apart (in front, to the side, in back). If they don’t bring their own chair, we have white folding chairs available. At the end of Mass, assist in wiping down any chairs used with our sanitizing wipes, and fold chair.

2. Your help is needed at Car Masses to instruct cars where to park (6 ft apart in front, to the side, in back). At end of Mass, direct cars to exit, and put the collection basket at the exit for parishioners to use. When everyone leaves, bring the collection basket to one of the priests. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!