Phase I Outdoor Public Masses

Outdoor Masses with Limited Attendance
Masks required for ALL
Anyone making a Reservation agrees to first read the Guidelines & Disclaimer below.

  • Reservations are on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • No walk-ins allowed
  • Mass is weather-dependent: if it’s cloudy, it’s on; rainy it’s cancelled.
  • Msgr. will decide the Mass Schedule on a weekly basis.
  • Church is locked during Mass, and there is NO ACCESS to BATHROOMS

Bring your own lawn chair
Restricted to 50 people

MASS IN CAR (you stay in your car)
Restricted to 75 Cars
Drive up, park, stay in your car, and tune your radio to 103.3 FM St. Matthew Radio to listen to Mass.

Instructions for those receiving Communion:

  • Purell Sanitzer is available to use before and after Communion.
  • When receiving Communion, put out your hand, the priest will place the host in your hand. Step aside, remove your mask, place the Eucharist into your mouth, put your mask back on.
  • Car Mass:  You can walk up to Communion, or stay in your car, put your hand out the window and a priest will walk up to your car to distribute Communion. You stay in your car.

Registration Required for Mass
– click HERE to make a reservation.
 The Masses will be held in the parking lot in front of the main Church doors.

Church Locked During Outdoor Masses & Confessions

  • The Church will not be open during all Outdoor Masses and Confessions, per State Regulations.
  • Restrooms will not be available before, during and after Mass, per State Regulations.

Obligation to Attend Mass Remains Suspended

  • The obligation to attend Mass continues to be suspended for anyone who is not comfortable, and you can continue to watch our live stream Sunday 11:00am Mass from your home. *You’re under no obligation to go to Mass. We will continue streaming the live Mass. Streaming will become the norm here for those who feel safer. Those who are 60+, who are more vulnerable due to compromised immune systems, those who are experiencing fever or flu-like symptoms, or who are anxious about gatherings are encouraged to stay home. The obligation to attend Sunday Mass is suspended. Our 11am Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday Masses will continue to be live-streamed on Facebook and post to the website.
  • Anyone in a vulnerable group should refrain from participating.
  • If you have been exposed to the virus or you are feeling sick, please do not come to Mass


  • St. Matthew Parish has taken appropriate precautions in light of the CDC and Governor Lamont’s recommendations regarding public gatherings in light of the possible transmission of the coronavirus. However, despite these precautions, it is possible that transmission of the virus is still possible due to the public nature of the service and the unknowns with how the virus may be transmitted. By registering for this service, participating in the Mass, and opting to receive Holy Communion, you acknowledge and understand that you are assuming a risk of transmission and will release St. Matthew Parish or any clergy involved in the service from any responsibility should you contract the virus in the future.”

    “By signing up to attend the parish service, you recognize the obligation to (i) wear a mask or face covering when required; (ii) adhere to all required direction regarding social distance spacing when participating in the service and (iii) not attend service if you are sick, experiencing any symptoms consistent with the coronavirus, or are otherwise required to be quarantined.”

Live Stream Masses

  • We will continue to live stream our 11am Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday Masses.
  • No Weekday Public Masses at this time.

Help with Requesting Mass Reservation

  • Anyone who does not have computer access can request a Mass reservation by calling ext. 120 (203-838-3788). Since reservations are on a first-come, first-serve basis, please wait for us to call you back to confirm your attendance.

Click HERE for information and to sign up.

These restrictions are intended to keep everyone safe until we can worship in larger numbers! We thank you for your patience, as we move through this new phase of Outdoor Masses.