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May 24, 2023
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January 27, 2023

“I started a full regimen of therapy including aqua therapy and am off to a good strong start. I’m working out continuous doctor visits. They are assessing my medication options; it’s very involved. Thank you for your prayers and support; they are deeply appreciated and am confident they’re helping me through this time. I do miss the parish, being with all of you and being your pastor and seeing you at church.” ~ Fr. Jeff

Dear Parish Family,

Thirteen years ago I was diagnosed with a disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis, also known as AS, which put me temporarily in a wheel chair. After months of treatment, I was able to return to a normal, active life.

AS is an autoimmune condition, which originates in the spine, and if it progresses, can affect other parts of the body. Unfortunately, at this time, my condition has progressed and has affected my spine, nerves, and organs. Currently I am experiencing neuropathy in my feet, hypertension, and pervasive inflammation.

My doctors and our Bishop have advised me to take a medical leave for a period of six months in order to continue treatment of this disease and slow any permanent damage that would affect my ability to carry out my responsibilities as a priest and your pastor. Therefore, I will begin my leave on January 1st.

During my time away, Father Frank Hoffman will return as temporary administrator and will stay in touch with me until I am able to return.

Friends, taking this leave was a very difficult decision for me to make because I am stepping away from a community and ministry that I love and enjoy. I would love to remain here without interruption, but the serious nature of the disease I am fighting brought me to this decision, and I pray that with treatment and rest, I can maintain a level of health that will permit me to return to serve you. My doctors are hopeful, and I ask that you pray for me. I will use my time away to pray for you in a most intentional way. Many of you have experienced challenging health situations, and you know how good the Lord is through it all. Thank you for your prayers, your support, and your love.

I ask the Lord to bless you through these remaining days of Advent.

I’ll see you at Christmas.

Father Jeff
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