Flexible Masses for Your Individual Comfort Level…

We hope you consider attending one of our Masses!

  • Indoor & Outdoor Masses:
    Reservations are required for all WEEKEND Outdoor & Indoor Masses.
  • No reservations needed for Thursday’s 12:10pm Mass – just sign in at the door.
  • Preparing to Return to Mass Indoors – Welcome Home Video, click HERE.
  • For Outdoor Masses: if it’s cloudy, we have Mass; if it’s raining, we cancel.


  • At our Saturday 4:30pm Car Mass, the priest celebrates Mass outside in front of the church, and your family can sit in your car, tune your radio to 103.3FM (St. Matt Radio) to hear the Mass. At Communion time, you can either stay in your car to receive, or get out of your car to walk up to the priest, while observing social distancing. Masks and social distancing in effect when you leave your car. Reservation required.


  • At our Sunday 9am Outdoor Chair Mass, the Mass is celebrated in front of the church doors (you bring your chairs and sit with your family in the parking lot – or if you don’t have a chair, we will provide). Masks and social distancing are in effect from the time you leave your car. Reservation required.




  • At our Sunday  11am Indoor Mass and Thursday 12:10pm Indoor Mass, attendance is restricted to 90 people including priests, organist, Mass Ministers, and our pews are marked for social distancing. The Church wooden pews, cushions and kneelers are sanitized after each Mass. Reservation required.


The obligation to attend Mass on Sunday remains suspended for anyone who is in a vulnerable group or is not comfortable returning to public worship, and we encourage you to continue participating in our Live Stream Masses on Facebook (@StMatthewNorwalk) or participate via Mass Videos On Demand.

Funerals & Weddings:
Per July 1st Diocesan Guidelines, attendance at funerals and weddings is by invitation only. The family should ensure attendance limits are adhered to and provide St. Matthew Church with a list of attendees for contact tracing purposes.