Pentecost 2017 Banner

June 4, 2017


4:00 PM: “Golden Mass
This Mass will honor anyone who is in their Golden Years and all Veterans: Seniors, 75 years and older, and Couples who are married for over 40 years.

7:30 AM:  “Purple Mass”
This Mass will honor all the Deceased Members of St. Matthew Parish.  

9:00 AM Yellow Mass
This Mass will honor Children who recently received their First Communion, Religious Education Youth, Youth Ministers who serve at the 9AM Mass, Home Schoolers, Catechists, Teachers, All Saints Catholic School children, and the Knights of Columbus.  

This Mass is also in recognition of Youth Ministers with over 5 years of continuous service in any Ministry at St. Matthew; Religious Education Teachers who have taught at St. Matthew for more than 10 years; and any Teacher who has served for 25 years or more in the teaching profession.

10:30 AM “White Mass”                                              
This Mass is for all Health Care Professionals, all those who have been Newly Received into the Church and all New Parishioners. Special recognition will be given to anyone serving more than 25 years in the health care profession. 

12 Noon “Red Mass”
This Mass is for all Police officers, Fire Fighters, Lawyers, those in Active Duty, Adult Ministers, Newly Baptized and Parish Staff.  Special recognition will be given to those who have served in the  above ministries or profession over 25 years.

5:00 PM Green Mass”
This Mass is for all Confirmation Candidates, 8th Grade; and all Graduates (at any level, especially High School and College) and students from Catholic High Schools. Special Recognition will be given to those who are Graduating.