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Helping Our Neighbors In Need

From Msgr. Walter… To anyone who was displaced by the massive fire on Richards Avenue: You have a welcome home at St. Matthew Church -food, clothing, charging stations, bathrooms. Whatever you need, we’ll find a way. Call us. Come. 203-838-3788, ext. 101.
If you know someone in need, please let them know we’re here to help ease their burden.
Want to help those effected by the devastating fire? Contact me. You and I will work together. Because that’s what the Church does.
In His Love,
Msgr. Walter

 Come Let Us Adore Him…

Friday, Dec. 22: 8am Mass and 12:10pm Mass
                                Confession offered from 3pm-9pm (6 hours)

Saturday, Dec. 23: 4pm Mass, No Confessions

Sunday, Dec. 24: 7:30am, 9am, 10:30am Masses
                             Christmas Eve Masses: 4pm, 6pm, 11pm
Monday, Dec. 25: Christmas Day Masses: 9am, 10:30am & 12Noon

Poinsettia Delivery to Our Homebound…

Would you like to brighten Christmas for a Parishioner? You have the opportunity to help with our wonderful Christmas tradition of delivering a poinsettia plant to a home-bound parishioner. The plants will be available in the nursery for delivery after all Masses. We especially encourage families with young children to help out as it warms the holiday season for our home bound members to see children!

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Solemnity of the Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Friday, Dec. 8th
As we seek to renew ourselves in preparation for Jesus during this Advent Season, today we have the opportunity to come to Mass to ask for Our Lady’s intercession in seeking and doing the will of God in all things. Masses in Church are: 12:10pm; 4:00pm; and 7:30pm

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Recognizing the Hand of God Living with Us…from Msgr. Walter
Thanksgiving Day Mass, 9am

“As we head into this week, we think of all the great traditions celebrated on Thursday: the Thanksgiving Day Parade…the football games…the turkey.

But we wouldn’t have any of these without a benevolent God. So before the day begins, we need to thank God on bended knee for our many blessings. We’ll do just that at our 9am Thursday Thanksgiving Day Mass. We will give thanks, and recognize the hand of God living with us, working with us, reminding us that He gave totally of Himself, out of love for us. We will fill our hearts with gratitude out of love for Him who saves us, who blesses us, and who graces us.

To all our College Students returning home, welcome back! To all those who will be traveling this week, or unable to be here, you will be in my prayers. On behalf of Fr. Sunil, Fr. Tomi, Msgr. John Sabia and Fr. Tom Elliot, have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving.”

In His Love, Msgr. Walter
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