Outdoor Public Masses *Weather-Dependent* Phase I


May 31

  • Bishop Caggiano Announces Phase II Return To Public Mass: read more here.
  • Fr. Sunil & Msgr. will announce our Phase II Masses
  • Phase II Diocesan Guidelines, read HERE

“If we have to cancel a Mass due to rain,we’ll post it – no need to contact us.” Msgr. Walter

You’re under no obligation to go to Mass. We will continue to live stream Mass at 11am on Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday, and live streaming will become the norm here for those who feel safer. Most important is our safety, our well-being.” Msgr. Walter:

  • REGISTRATION REQUIRED for Outdoor Masses: click HERE.
  • Outdoor Mass Times & Guidelines:  please click here
  • MASKS: Everyone must wear a mask.
  • CHAIR MASS:Please bring your own Lawn Chair
  • CAR MASS: Once you enter the parking lot, tune your radio to 103.3FM to listen to the Mass from the safety of your car.
  • Church locked during Outdoor Masses & Confessions
  • Church is open for private prayer 9am-7pm except during outdoor Masses & live streaming.
  • No bathrooms are available.
  • *Masses are weather-dependentand will be cancelled in the event of rain.

Click HERE for information and to sign up.

We continue to live stream 11am Masses on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays via Facebook Live, St. Matthew Church

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Please prayerfully consider supporting our Parish during this difficult time.
You can mail your offertory to the Parish Office; Msgr. Walter picks up the mail every day, or: Online Giving is a safe and easy way to give with the click of a button




Please note:
The information on the tabs below is not current during coronavirus suspensions.







For a helpful resource to understand sacred liturgy and the new Diocesan Liturgical Norms, click HERE.
For Bishop Frank J. Caggiano’s March 2019 Update Letter, click HERE.


 Celebrate the Great Sacrament of Reconciliation
Saturdays: 3:15-4pm, First Tuesdays, and by appointment.

Msgr. Walter: “Confession is a Celebration of God’s goodness to all of us. We come to Confession not necessarily because we are bad. We come because GOD IS GOOD!

 Memorializing a Loved One






Consider donating the Sanctuary flowers in honor of someone you love.  The Offering is $150.00.  Your loved one’s name will appear in the bulletin during the week of the gift.








Consider lighting the Sanctuary Candle in Memory of your loved one.  The candle will burn for one week near the Tabernacle.  Our beeswax Sanctuary Candle burns 24/7.  The Offering for the candle is $25.00.  Your loved one’s name will appear in the bulletin during the week of the gift.

Annual Parish Picnic, Sunday, Sept. 24 1-5PM

Stop by your Community of Faith for Fellowship, Food & Fun! Pony Rides…Train Rides for the Whole Family…Extra-large Obstacle Course…Bouncy-Bouncy for Kids…Face painting…Horseshoes, Bocce, Volleyball..Great Food and more…