Book Report or Essay Contest




A copy of Matthew Kelly’s book, Rediscover Catholicism, was handed out to every family who joined us at St. Matthew for Christmas Mass.

Rediscover Catholicism takes us on an adventure of life-changing proportions.”

How will it affect your life? Are you willing to share your views, your reflections, your ideas? Write a reflective report on the book and submit it to the office no later than Saturday, January 31st, at 5:00pm.  All essays will be read by a team of three designated by Msgr. Walter

Guidelines for writing an essay on the book, Rediscover Catholicism: 

  1. A maximum of 600-700 words (approximately 1 to 1.5 typed pages double spaced)
  2. A clean, concise introduction stating your position on the book
  3. 5 or 6 examples from the book that support your position
  4. A well written closing summary

The papers will be judged on content and whether or not the guidelines were followed. The essay should focus on what you liked about the book or what you do not support in the book.

Anyone who would like to do a book report should state what the book was about. There would be no need to support your position. Guidelines 1 and 4 would only need to be followed.


The winner of the book report/essay contest will win an Ipad!!!

Don’t forget, the deadline is 5:00pm on Saturday, January 31st.