Fr. Jeff Couture, St. Matthew Pastor

Fr. Jeff’s First Mass, April 18, 2021, Click here
**Forward to the “20:15” mark to hear him introduce himself to Parishioners.**

Dear Parish Family,
As those of you who were able to attend Mass at St. Matthew last weekend either in person or virtually know, Bishop Caggiano has appointed Fr. Jeff Couture as the new pastor of  St. Matthew Church. He is currently the pastor of St. Francis of Assisi Church in Weston. Fr. Jeff will be starting his pastorate officially on Monday, April 12. I know that you will welcome him with open arms!
Fr. Frank Hoffmann, Parochial Administrator


3/10/2021: Fr. Jeff stopped by to meet the Staff: “Humbled and excited.”

“He Couldn’t Escape his Destiny to be a Priest: Jeffrey Couture wouldn’t come to Jesus, so Jesus came to him…in person, face to face, in all His majestic splendor,” read more here


  • Parishioners may remember Fr. Jeff when he was a featured speaker at our Knights of Columbus Communion Breakfast.